Health and Wellbeing

We have limited facilities for treating illnesses at school.  For the safety and health of your child, other students and staff, parents are asked not to send unwell children to school.  When children do become ill at school every effort will be made to contact the parents or the emergency contact person to have the child picked up.  We would appreciate prompt collection of your child in these circumstances. In extreme cases an ambulance may be called at the school’s discretion.  

The following Infectious Diseases summary and directions set down by the Health Department is provided for your information. 

Chicken Pox – Exclude from school until recovered or until at least 5 days after the first eruption appears.  Some remaining scabs are not an indication for continued exclusion. 

Conjunctivitis – Exclude from school until discharge from the eyes has ceased and treatment has commenced. 

Diarrhoea – Exclude while diarrhoea is present. 

German Measles (Rubella) – Exclude from school.  Re-admit on recovery or at least 4 days after the onset of the rash. 

Glandular Fever – Exclude while symptoms remain. 

Head Lice – Exclude until effective treatment has been instituted and nits removed from hair.  Family contacts will probably be infested and should be treated.  Other close contacts should be checked regularly for infestation.

Hepatitis A – Exclude from school.  Re-admit on medical certificate of recovery or on subsidence of symptoms, but not before 7 days after onset of jaundice. 

Herpes: (Cold Sores) – Exclude from school until effective treatment (including proper use of occlusive dressings) has been instituted. 

Measles – Exclude, re-admit on medical certificate of recovery, or 7 days after appearance of the rash, if well (all children should be immunised against measles).  Non-immunised contacts should be excluded for 13 days after the appearance of rash in the last case identified in the school, unless contact was immunised within 72 hours of first exposure.

Parents are asked to notify the school immediately a diagnosis is confirmed by their family doctor. 

Mumps – Exclude from school for at least 9 days after the onset of symptoms. 

Ringworms – Exclude from school until after treatment has commenced. 

Scabies – Exclude from school until effective treatment has been instituted.  Family contacts will probably be infected and should be treated accordingly. 

Streptococcal Infections – Including scarlet fever.  Exclude, re-admit on medical certificate or recovery. 

Trachoma – Exclude from school until effective treatment has been instituted. 

Whooping cough (Pertussis) – Exclude from school for two weeks from the onset of illness or 5 days after starting antibiotic treatment.

Sickness and accidents at school

Sick children need to be cared for at home. Minor injuries or illness during the day are normally attended to in the school sick bay. In more serious injuries we make contact with the parent to arrange for the child to be collected. If a parent cannot collect a sick child, contact will be made with the persons listed as emergency contacts on the enrolment form. In extreme emergencies the child may be taken to a hospital or doctor, if parents cannot be notified. 

Please ensure that an emergency number is given to the school and that this is kept up to date. This also includes any other relevant information such as changes of address and other contact numbers. 

Nut free zone

Due to the increasing number of children with life threatening nut allergies, our school is a Peanut Free Zone. This also includes Nutella as this contains hazelnuts. We appreciate your understanding on this matter. 

Dental therapy unit

There is a school Dental Therapy Unit on school site. The dental staff will obtain parental permission prior to seeing children. This optional service is free of charge. 

School nurse

A trained Community Nursing Sister visits the school regularly to carry out routine medical checks on children in the Early Years. Parents and teachers may refer students to the Nurse if there are concerns. Parental Permission must be obtained first. 

School psychologist 

The School Psychologist from the Student Services team of the North Metro Education Regional Office visits the school twice a week. Parents and teachers are able to request appointments through the Principal or Associate Principals. 

Behaviour and school rules

A high standard of behaviour is expected at Quinns Beach School. It is essential everyone is aware of, and follows our Behaviour Expectations and School Code of Conduct. View the Reports, documents and policies section of the website or contact the office for more information.

Medical conditions and allergies

Students with Asthma and diagnosed medical conditions or allergies MUST have an Emergency Medical Action Plan, negotiated with the Associate Principal. 

If parents require school staff to administer medication during the school day, a long term (or short term) medical plan must be completed.