Parking and traveling to school

Safety issues

Parking – All usual road and parking rules apply around the school and parking fines are issued by City of Wanneroo Rangers (who visit the school frequently) to those not adhering to the road rules. We encourage you to obey all parking and road rules for the safety of all families.  

Bicycles – Parents are reminded of the need for cyclists to know safety rules. The Police recommend that no child under ten years of age should ride a bike to school. All cyclists need to wear helmets. Bicycles must be walked within the school grounds and locked in the bike racks. There are a few locks and chains are available at the front office if you forget your own. 

Scooters – May be ridden to school however parents are asked to ensure their children are able to control their scooters adequately. Scooters must be wheeled within the school grounds and locked in the bike racks. 

Buses – The school has limited parking bays available. For the safety of all students, “daycare” or “after school care” bus or private vehicle services need to park on the roads surrounding the school (not on the paved area in front of the administration building, or in the staff car park.) Please inform your “daycare” service of this. They may collect an information page from the front office. 

Kiss and Drive 

The kiss and drive is for drop off and pick only of students. Parents are not to park in this zone and leave their car. 

A friendly reminder that only guide dogs may be brought onto school grounds.