Principal Updates Term 3 Week 6

Dear Parents, Carers and Members of the Community

Now in my fourth week at this wonderful school, I have been really busy visiting classrooms, meeting with staff, getting out at break times and getting to know the amazing students, staff and parents. I don’t know all the students yet, but it is my aim to do so, as part of my leadership. I’m looking forward to the upcoming community events such as the Fathering Project– Fathers Day Breaky, Faction Carnival and class assemblies.


Clear and consistent communication is vital. Please know that we are looking into improving the way the classroom and our school communicates to parents and carers. We are aware that parents are wanting more and I am in the process of continuing the work from the recent Communication and Engagement Strategy to ensure we have a clear and effective plan moving forward. As a start, the school website will soon be under construction and back online hopefully by the end of term 3.

Planning for 2022

I would really appreciate you contacting the school if you already know your child will not be attending Quinns Beach PS next year. This helps me spend less time on the administrative ’stuff’ and more time on what really matters most– your children.

Primary STEM Challenge

On Friday 30th July, 9 Year 6 students visited Butler College to participate in the Formula 1 Jaguar
Racing Car Challenge. Students from Quinns Beach, Butler and John Butler made up 9 teams of
three. Each team were given a mentor group of Year 8 students who had completed the challenge
before. Students initially began to design and create their own name, logo, and motto for their
brand and come up with a creative wrap for their car. They then constructed their cars nominating
one student as the engineer, one as the mechanic, and one as the graphic designer. They then pre-
sented their car to the other groups. Students then met in the gymnasium where they inserted co2
canisters into the cars and raced them from one end of the gym to the other, against the other
teams. All team cars raced extremely well, with the Cheetah Chicks from Quinns coming in first place
with a time of 1.06 seconds. Thank you Miss Buller for organising and taking the students. What a great opportunity!

Book Week

I was amazed by the creative and wonderful book week costumes. Well done to all students and parents for supporting the school. Thank you to the team of staff who organised great opportunities for the students including a daily radio play, text to sketch, door murals and reading with the principal.

One Big Voice

Well done to the Senior Choir and Mrs Horncastle for attending and performing at the special One Big Voice choir event. It was great to see so many parents spectate. I enjoyed seeing the students sing and know they had a fantastic time. Thank you to Mrs Beth Franklin, who supported the school and the students on the day, it was greatly appreciated.

Helmets for Students Riding/ Scootering to School

It is wonderful to see so many students riding, walking or scootering to school. However, I am alarmed at the number of students who are not wearing a helmet. Of approximately 30 students, there were only three wearing a helmet yesterday. I encourage you to make sure your child is wear- ing a helmet when riding or scootering.


Taylor Webb Principal