Principal’s Update Term 3 Week 3

Dear Parent / Carer,

After spending last week at home with COVID-19, I am very pleased to be back. Thank you to Ms Hodge who stood in as Acting Principal in my absence and to Mrs Leigh, Mrs Rees and Mr Carmody for allowing me the time I needed to recuperate.

It is a timely reminder that COVID-19 is still around us and it is something we must remain vigilant with. I hear comments such as ‘getting back to normal’ all too often and its fair to say that we are still operating in times that are anything but normal. COVID-19 continues to impact the home, work, relationships, family dynamics, planned events and activities. At school, our main impacting factor is managing staff leave. Finding relief staff continues to be difficult which then can impact on your child’s learning. Our aim of course is to minimise the impact, ensuring children are supported to learn in a safe, stable and structured environment.

I ask that you:

  • Remain understanding of schools ‘new normal’ and continue to talk to your child’s teacher about academics, social or emotional progress.
  • Keep your child home from school if they are unwell.
  • Notify the school if your child is unwell.
  • Send your child to school if they are well enough. Please dont use’ sickness’ as an excuse for non attendance. The only ones that suffer, will be your kids in the long run.

I will:

  • Continue to provide you with up to date information that may impact on your child’s education.
  • Try to keep the staffing as stable as possible in your child’s class.
  • Provide an opportunity to pick up more free RAT’s, once they have been delivered.

Changing Schools or Returning to QBPS next year?

I strongly encourage all parents and carers to follow the link and compete a short 30 second survey asking whether your family is returning to QBPS next year or not. Notifying us whether your child/ren are returning in 2023, helps us to plan for potential classes. Not knowing whether a child is returning can change how classes are structured and how many staff we require. Once you have completed this survey and your situation changes, we would really appreciate you contacting the front office to inform them.

Please click here.

Congratulations to our cross country team who participated in the recent interschool competition. We came 3rd overall and 1st in the Points Shield. Thanks to Mr Mihal for preparing the students and the wonderful parents who volunteered their time to assist on the day.

The shield is now proudly displayed in the Atrium.

Staffing Update

I am sorry to announce that Mr Kris Mihal our Physical Education Specialist will be leaving us. His last day will be Friday 19th August. Too soon! Kris has been a fantastic addition to our school in many ways. Not only has he been an engaging, exciting and enthusiastic sport teacher, he has been instrumental in continuing to lead our positive expectations across the school. Kris will be sorely missed and on behalf of our school community, I wish him all the best for the future.

I am currently in the process of find a suitable replacement and once this occurs, I will inform our school community.

Faction Carnival Postponement

Due to Mr M leaving, we are postponing the Athletics Carnival, including the Jumps and Throws, until week 10 of this term. The new dates are as follows:

  • Tuesday 20th September: Jumps, Distance and Throws events.
  • Thursday 22nd September: Athletics Carnival.

I apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

We need your help- Busy Bee

If you are able to assist for one to two hours on Sunday morning at 10.00am, we would love your help. If you can assist , please register your interest here by clicking here.

Parking Reminder

Parking can be hard to find. It pays to be early! A reminder to responsibly park in appropriate spaces and please dont park on neighbouring houses property. I often receive messages about damaged sprinkler heads amongst other things. I appreciate your support with this and thank our community for doing the right thing.

Taylor Webb