Principal’s Update Term 4 Week 3

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,

Welcome back to Term 4. Traditionally term 4 is a busy term with lots of wonderful things going on. Please remember to keep up to date with what’s happening either via ClassDojo, our website or Facebook page.

Website and Class Dojo

Its been fantastic to see all classrooms using ClassDojo to communicate to parents and carers. If you haven’t already downloaded and joined your child’s class, please email Mrs Horncastle on for further assistance.

Staffing Updates

Mrs Horncastle, a highly regarded member of our staff, has been successful in winning a permanent position at Burns Beach Primary School beginning 2022. I am sure you will join me in wishing her every success. Our loss, is definitely their gain. We are currently running selection processes for a number of staffing positions that have become available for next year, including classroom teachers, physical education and music.

Classes for 2021

If you are not returning to QBPS next year, can you please let the front office know as soon as possible. This will assist us to plan early with our class structures. Late notice could result in late changes.
I plan to share the following information in future newsletters:

  • Week 6: Possible class structures
  • Week 9: Class structures and teachers
  • We would also like to share 2022 class lists with parents and carers in week 10 this term.

Class Selection Process and Requests 2022

All K to Year 6 classroom teachers facilitate a friendship lesson to make sure all students are placed in a class with at least one of their friendship group.Requests from parents and carers should be provided to me via email and need to be based on academic or social and emotional reasons. Requests for individual teachers will not be considered.

Behaviour Reference Group

A cross section of staff have volunteered to meet with me this term to conduct a review of the current behaviour plan and improvement for 2022. I will also be meeting with student ministers for their input and I am seeking a small group of parents who would like to meet with me to discuss their thoughts. If you can commit to a meeting this term during school hours please let the front office.

Finally, it was great to visit our students participating at the recent interschool athletics carnival. Our students showed fantastic persistence, resilience and desire to help each other succeed. A theme, that I’m carrying through for the remainder of this term. As our year 6 student’s reach the end of their primary school education, I wish them and their parent/carers a positive finish to the year. I look forward to seeing you all around our wonderful school.

Taylor Webb Principal