Principal’s Update Term 4 week 9

Dear Parents, Carers and Members of the Community 

Welcome to the last newsletter of the 2021 school year. There is a lot in here, so here we go… 

What a year it has been. Thank you to the whole community for being an important part of this wonderful school. There have been a lot of changes this year and I want to take the time to thank all our staff for the amazing job they do. Our staff and students have proved resilient in the face of many positives, but also the changing times at Quinns Beach Primary School (QBPS). 

Thank you Mrs Denise Corlett, outgoing QBPS Board Chair, for her many years of service to the Board, P&C and school. Denise, your guidance and support has been invaluable and you have helped Quinns Beach become even better. 

Mr Jon Brown’s tenure on the Board will also conclude at the end of the year. On behalf of the school, thank you Jon for your insights and contributions. One of the main projects Jon has helped bring to the school has been The Father-ing Project, something I and others rate very highly. 

I also wish to thank Mr Shaun Carmody, who led QBPS for a larger portion of this year. Mr Carmody is the heart and soul of this school, and works very hard for all students, staff and families. 

I thank and farewell the following staff. They have all contributed greatly to our school and have either won positions elsewhere or won’t be here with us in 2022 for varying reasons. Thank you Mrs Burton, Mrs Heim, Mrs Foy, Miss Howatson, Mr Hennop, Mrs Jones, Mr Gout, Mrs Allen, Mrs Elliott, Mrs Horncastle, Mrs Kershaw, Ms Williams, Ms Clifford, Mr Carter, Mrs Rann and Mrs Bayakly. 

Ms Williams is retiring after 19 years at QBPS. Congratulations and enjoy this next phase of your life. Thank you for your contributions and providing valuable learning for our students. 

Our much loved and appreciated School Chaplain, Mrs Bayakly will also be leaving us at the end of the year. After six years at QBPS, you have provided many wonderful and much needed support for students, staff and families. We really hope we see you back in some capacity in the future. 

In 2022, we welcome six new teaching staff to the Quinns Beach school community. Welcome to Miss Rebecca Leigh, Mr Scott Passmore, Miss Rachel O’Hara, Mrs Tara Toonen, Mr Kris Mihal and Miss Emma Boylan. They all come highly recommended and I’m positive they will be a good fit for our school. All new teaching staff will be visiting the school this Friday to meet students and staff. 

Mrs Moss, our Instructional Coach will also be working as the Associate Principal for two days a week next year, replac-ing Mrs Horncastle and backfilling Mr Carmody while he takes Long Service Leave for one day a week. 

School Board and P&C 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our Board members for their ongoing commitment to our school. Their advice and oversight of the strategic operations of our school has been highly valued and greatly appreciated. We will be seeking new members to join the School Board. More information will be provided early next year. 

I thank our wonderful P&C for their ongoing support during the year. Our P&C ran many fundraising opportunities in-cluding the recent colour run and disco (and what a great disco it was…thanks!) The P&C’s fundraising has allowed them to donate $6000 for Mathletics for all students in 2022. We appreciate your ongoing commitment to making our school a great place to be! 

School Banking 

As you know, school banking is no longer happening in schools from 2022. I thank Mrs Caroline Parry for giving up her time and supporting our students and the school. 

Semester Two Reporting 

Reports will be coming home with students next Tuesday. Please take the time to sit with your child and go through the things your child is doing well in, and pick one or two things that could be a focus of improvement for next year. 

Next year, students reports will be emailed to all parent/carers and a paper copy provided only upon special re-quest. If you would like a learning area grade report, which states how many A,B,C,D,E grades were handed out for every year group, please contact the front office. 

Class Lists for 2022 

This Monday, the front office will be contacting all families and carers with what class your child will be in and with which teacher. A lot of time and effort has gone into working out where we believe every child will have the great-est chance for success. Thank you for the parent placement requests that I did receive. This has helped us when making decisions. Full class lists will be on display at the front office from 10am on Wednesday next week. 

2022 Classroom Structure 

There is only one change to the structure that was shared in the last newsletter. The Year 2/3 is now a straight Year 2 class. See the latest newsletter for details.

Year 6 Graduation 

Congratulations to our 87 Year Six students who are completing their final year of primary school. Enjoy the gradua-tion next week and the fun rewarding activities that follow. Its been a pleasure getting to know you all. To the par-ents and carers who will be leaving our school community along with their year 6 child, thank you for being a part of our school and good luck for the next step in their and your life– high school! 

Our New Normal 

I look forward to beginning 2022 with a renewed focus on leading a successful school where students are at the heart of everything we do. This school is an amazing school and my job is to work with all agencies in our school community, to make QBPS even better, where all students are learning, happy and safe. 

Finally, I wish everyone a safe and rewarding break. I hope you enjoy a nice Christ-mas with family and friends. Take care of each other, make time to do things togeth-er and enjoy being surrounded with love. After all, isn’t that what’s most important? 

Taylor Webb