Star Reward Activity 7

What: Pyjama, Oodie or Comfy Clothes Day
After lunch, all classes will enjoy free time and activities with their teachers and peers. Time: 1.45pm to 2.45pm

Why: As part of our Positive Expectations Plan, students are rewarded with star coins for displaying the expected behaviours over a three-week period. At the end of the three weeks, we hold a reward activity for students who have achieved the required amount of star coins.

This term, the target has remained at 5 star coins for all students over a three-week period. Week’s 3,6 and 9.

When: This Friday 26th August.

Who: Students who have earnt 5 star coins from the last 3 weeks.

If a student has not reached the required amount, your classroom teacher will let you know before Friday. Students who do not reach the required amount, will participate in a goal setting activity linked to the plan.

There are special considerations given to those who have had periods of absenteeism.

How: Students are invited to wear their PJ’s, oodies, comfy clothing or school uniform, and bring a pillow to lie on and even their teddy if they wish. All students attending will choose an activity with their classroom teacher to complete during the afternoon. Teacher will share this via CLASS DOJO.

Other notes:

If you would not like your child to participate, please let the classroom teacher know. We will arrange alternative activities for them to participate in.