Specialists Programs

Quinns Beach Primary School provides a range of Specialist Programs these include, Art, Music, Physical Education, Library and Science. 

Physical Education

Since 2007, all Western Australian students in Years 1-6 have been required to participate in 2 hours of physical activity a week. At Quinns Beach students participate in specialist Physical Education Lessons and Daily Fitness to meet this requirement. Year 4-6 students also participate in a sport session on Friday afternoons. 

The Quinns Beach Factions are named after Aboriginal Animals. Year P-6 students are allocated a faction and participate in the Athletics Carnival in term 3. They will require a t-shirt in their faction colour for term 3. 

Maadjat BlueShark 
Bamba Yellow Stingray 
Monyin Red Sea Lion 
Warranang Green Dolphin 

Students from Pre-primary to years 6 attend swimming Lessons travelling via bus to The Joondalup Arena.