Principal’s Update Week 6 Term 4

Dear Parent, Carer and Members of the Community,

The end of the year is fast approaching. Schools are busy places to be at this time of the year. With so much going on, please think about placing an extra cautious lens on your children, to ensure they manage the possible anxiety around finishing their final year of primary school, changing teachers and classrooms for next year, or moving schools.

Kiss N Ride Safety

Thank you to the families that are using the Kiss N Ride on Santa Barbara Parade safely. We do have a few concerns about parents double parking, or calling students to cross the road. I thank you in advance for working together to ensure the ongoing safety of our kids. Can you please:

Use the carpark if you are parking your vehicle.
Only use the Kiss N Ride for pulling up, picking up your children and driving off.
Get out of your car and escort your children safely across if you are parking on the beach side of Santa Barbara.

2022 Class Structures

At this point in time, the likely class structures for next year will be:

KindyYear 2/3
KindyYear 3
KindyYear 3
Pre PrimaryYear 4
Pre PrimaryYear 4/5
Year 1Year 5
Year 1Year 5/6
Year 1/2Year 6
Year 2

In the next newsletter, teachers will be placed against the classrooms for your information. You will be provided with your child’s classroom in week 10 this term.

As I indicated in the last newsletter, all students have participated in a friendship lesson, identifying peers they may like to work, play or mix with. This ensures that we make sure every child has some friends when going to a new class next year.

If you are not returning to QBPS next year, can you please let the front office know as soon as possible. This will assist us to plan early with our class structures. Late notice could result in late changes.

Parent Behaviour Reference Group

Thank you to the 4 parents who have volunteered to meet with me to discuss our current behaviour management processes. A meeting will be convened later in the term.

Outdoor Classroom Day

Well done to Ms Parke, Mrs Wood and the NQS team who led a fantastic Outdoor Play Day in week 4. What a wonder- ful idea.

Taylor Webb Principal